Have you been thinking of investing in the UK?  Maybe, you have considered London and noticed that the prices are surprisingly high.  We, at Kilmoth Property Investments, invest in the middle part of the country called the West Midlands.  Our area of expertise is in towns surrounding Birmingham – The Black Country.   The area surrounding Birmingham is an ideal place in terms of price and location to build a profitable portfolio of property.

In truth, the current recession makes buying property at present an exciting proposition for the intelligent cash-buying investor.  With access to finance stifled for the regular British citizen as mortgage lending is at an all time low,  the demand for property to rent is at an all time high and expected to increase.  Discerning investors with access to funds are able to take hold of property at a price that enables returns of 7% at a very conservative minimum.

Rosemary Knight and team make investing in the UK simple for you.  We can work with you to provide a ‘hands-off’ investment solution.  We go the extra mile to assist you in meeting your goals.  We help you ensure your money works harder for you.

We can find the property, help you with buying the property, manage any refurbishments (if required.  Some properties are bought ‘ready to rent’), find you tenants and manage them as well for you.  This ensures the smooth running of your investment with minimal effort from you.

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