You have worked hard for years and the result is that you have a whole lot of money with nowhere to put it.  That’s wonderful right now, but what of the future?  If your money is stuck in a bank account, then the buying power of your money is falling as inflation rises.  As time passes, your money’s inherent value depreciates.

You might even own your house outright but how does that protect your future?

Life is busy however, with limited time to address such considerations. In the back of your mind you know something needs to be done to secure and increase your present and future wealth for you and your family.  You consider pensions but it seems no one can depend on those anymore… Surely it is time to figure out a way to get a better, long term return on your funds!

Property sounds great! It is tangible, and people will always need a place to live especially on this small island with the number of people moving here increasing all the time.  How can this benefit you?  And how much time do you have to spend understanding all the various ways of buying property, managing tenants and more?  A professional partner is what you need.

How does Kilmoth Property Investments work?

Property Portfolio BuildingWe invest in the West Midlands, primarily in the towns that surround Birmingham.  The returns available in this geography are on the rise.  We take care of the buying process from the outset and make it as simple and straightforward for you as possible:

  1. You meet up with Rosemary for a coffee or we arrange an online chat.  We discuss your investment goals with a view to matching your expectations of return with upcoming or current deals.
  2. You engage our services and, assuming we have an opening (we work with a limited number of investors at a time), we get to work on your behalf immediately.
  3. As we regularly advertise and market for property sellers, leads come to us regularly from vendors who are willing to sell their property at a discount.
  4. We negotiate a suitable price which is usually anything from £40,000 to £90,000, dependent on our end goal for the property.
  5. Once a suitable property has been identified and a sale price agreed, we bring the property to your attention with the figures and how it serves your purpose.
  6. You agree to the purchase.
  7. We streamline the conveyancing process by engaging solicitors, surveyors and mortgage brokers (if finance will be required).
  8. We perform any refurbishment work on the property if necessary.
  9. We locate a tenant to move in as soon as possible, preferably the day the property is ready.
  10. We also offer a management service and a guaranteed rent service if you require it.

As you can see, your whole property investment can be dealt with quickly and easily.  And this is just one way of doing it.  In our initial consultations and follow ups, we will give you information on the various ways you can make the most of your cash investment.


Property Investment Example





We only charge a sourcing fee in certain circumstances.  Have a chat with us with respect to our joint ventures and we will explain the fee structure.

This example shows what can be gained with an initial investment of just over £20000.





Property Investment Example 2






This is an example of  how we can help a cash buyer buy at a low price, do a refurb and pull out all your cash for an infinite return.  Or leave the cash to increase as the value of the property increases and still obtain a great return on investment. Infinite returns after just over 10 years and a monthly income of £485 a month.




As the service we provide is bespoke and unique to each investor, the examples above are just that – Examples of deals done.  We do ensure you get a minimum 7% return on investment from each property we find and manage for you.  That is considerably more than you will be getting from any bank.

The best part of working with Rosemary Knight is that she can deal with all concerns regarding the property for you.  By putting in place a few exit strategies, there are numerous ways to ensure your money works hard for you.

And that is what we are about – Making your money work hard for you.