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Rosemary Knight

Rosemary Knight and the Team deal with properties on a daily basis.

We are part of a network of property people with years of experience sourcing properties, building property portfolios, managing properties and everything to do with property – the legals, the finance and more.

Rosemary Knight is an experienced property investor with links throughout the industry.�� She started out as a Pharmacist looking for another way to create an income while she took care of her three young children.  With the economy crashing around her, Rosemary chose to educate herself on sourcing and buying profitable investment properties which could become the basis of another income stream for her family.  As a result of her efforts in building a successful property business, she became the 2012 Better Your Best Tycoon Mastermind Alliance Winner.

Always willing to assist, she enjoys helping people come up with solutions to any of their property investment concerns.

As a result of the large number of income- producing discounted property deals coming her way, she has chosen to share these opportunities with serious homebuyers, whether for investment purposes or as a residence.

Why we do what we do

Having discovered that there is no shortage of great income-producing property deals and time-poor people who need help in ensuring their capital is working at a better rate than it would in the bank, Rosemary decided to figure out how to connect these investors with sellers thereby creating win-win solutions.  She aims to help clients, with access to financial resources, build property portfolios that come at an excellent price and provide a high return on cash investment.  This gives clients the opportunity to improve their financial position at this time when the property market is experiencing a buyer’s market.  The clients Rosemary works with simply lack the time to take advantage of this exciting period in the UK.  She offers her expertise in building their wealth using property.

Needless to say, Rosemary can only work with a limited number of people at a time.

The team also provide a management service so you can literally buy an investment property and just receive your income.  All the work is done for you by the team, taking away the burden of property management.�� This turns into a high yielding “hands-free” investment which outperforms most, if not all, other investment options available from the normal sources.

She enjoys working personally with clients to help them meet their investment goals.  Property is a great way to build income that works around your life.

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